Wear it with Pride.

The Problem


The Australian Federal Government recently reformed 85 laws to give equality to same-sex couples. But because the reforms were highly complex few people understood, or were even aware of, their new rights. Our challenge was to turn boring legalese into something that the diverse target market of 24,000 same-sex couples aged between 16-80 could easily understand and get excited about.

The Solution

Stage 1: Make law interesting.

To raise awareness of the changes, we made them part of popular culture, translating each complex law reform into something simple: a T-shirt. We invited international designers such as Cody Hudson and Australian artists such as Reg Mombassa to translate each law reform into an inspiring T-shirt. The 85 reforms occurred in 8 different areas, so we assigned each area a colour from the rainbow, a proud community symbol. In effect, the T-shirts became wearable billboards, prompting conversation and spreading the word wherever they were worn.

Stage 2: Create a Groundswell

We engaged celebrities and community leaders, and asked them to champion a reform and a T-shirt. Each influencers spread the word via their social networks, delivering unprecedented reach within our target audience. 

The celebrity media launch alone drove thousands online for education and to purchase their own reform T-shirts. As just one example, Natalie Bassingthwaighte was so inspired by the campaign that she featured our T-shirts and ambassadors in her music video for ‘Love Like This’, which reached the iTunes Top 10.

Stage three: Make education easy

The final stage kicked off with a PR event at the Sydney Opera House, generating a phenominal amount of PR. Discussion of the 85 designs exploded across blogs and forums, driving huge site traffic and T-shirt sales. Our solution finder website provided tailored law reform information and matching T-shirts. People could purchase T-shirts of their favourite reforms to help educate their peers about the law reforms.

The Results

We created thousands of grass roots advocates, who were not only wearing the T-shirts but actively helping spread the word. As Corey Irlam from ACON said: “Wear it with Pride has redefined what’s possible for a Government-funded campaign.”