Whale Song.

The Problem

Optus is a leading Australian telecommunications company. They were involved in a prolonged, retail price war and desperately wanted their brand to stand for something again, so consumers would consider them on more than price.

The Solution

Scientists at the University of Queensland have been conducting some groundbreaking research. They have found that whales communicate with each other across vast tracts of ocean, by singing complex love songs to each other.

This inspired us to create the Whale Song project. We took this research and imagined how whales would respond if we played our own ‘whale song’ to them, with a real orchestra.

We launched the project with a TV spot. It was an immediate hit, with people loving its inspirational nature. We supported it with a massive outdoor campaign.  But that wasn’t enough. We really wanted people to connect with the brand, so we created interactive sound banners that directed people to our online Whale Song experience. People were encouraged to create their own whale song, and play it to a lifelike 3D whale, which responded to their song.

Optus "Whale Song" from Mark. on Vimeo.