Gorillaz Plastic Flowers.

The Problem

Plastic Beach is the 3rd studio album from Gorillaz. It is premised around a strange floating island deep in the South Pacific - one made entirely of plastic debris and the washed up remnants of humanity. Our client, EMI, approached us with a tactical brief to promote this album to all fans of popular music. With a budget of only $3,000, we knew our best strategy lay in targeting key music influencers.

But with thousands of albums and media releases being sent to music journalists every week, how do we get in-depth and quality coverage?

The Solution

Gorillaz are a band like no other. Behind each band member, song and album is a mysterious narrative that makes them seem much larger than their music or animated characters. With this insight, we decided to bring Plastic Beach to life. 

We commissioned an artist to supply ‘relics’ from Plastic Beach - a series of unique plastic flowers made from various household discards. Positioned as a tailored “little prezzie” from Gorillaz, these were sent to prominent music journalists and bloggers, along with a hand written letter from Murdoc himself and a USB drive containing the exclusive story behind the album, plus free tracks, videos and artwork.

In so doing, we broke down the virtual wall of the band, and gave music influencers something genuinely cool to own and write about.

The Results

“Hey record labels, take note, this is how you get us to write about your band!” – Pedestrian.TV, popular Australian culture blog.