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We've helped create the world's biggest LEGO kit.

Way back at the end of 2011, Google asked us to come up with some innovative ways of showing the world how amazing their Chrome browser is.

One of its most exciting features is WebGL, which gives it awesome 3D capabilities. So, working closely with Google, we started thinking about one of the world’s favourite three-dimensional objects: LEGO®. And then the team started thinking about Google Maps. And then… well, we had ourselves a project.

Introducing 'build'.

Using Google Maps as a base-plate, you can pick a spot anywhere in Australia and New Zealand, then build whatever you like out of LEGO bricks. (Well, almost anything, it’s kept family friendly and advertising free.)

You can then share your build with the world, on Google+ or via a web-link. Anyone can explore the landscape and check out the Builds from multiple angles.

Everything happens in Chrome. It’s open to the entire world, but for now you can only build on sites Down Under.

As you can imagine, a project this epic in scope takes a lot of talented people to bring to life. North Kingdom in Sweden have done an amazing job of creating an experience that’s fun to use and totally integrated with Google Maps. Make, our digital production arm, has also been working hard to create all banners, online video and rich media.

The response has been incredible. Already the project has been picked up by media around the world, including Wired Magazine, Mashable, Engadget, Creativity Online, Digital Buzz, as well as mainstream media like the The Daily Telegraph, SMH, and many more.

So, we have to ask: What will you build?



The logo animation

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Build

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Star Recruit .

There’s a new face melting a few hearts down at our digital production agency – Make. Her name is Razzle and she belongs to star producer Steph Sims.

Although she only put in a brief appearance, she’s left a big mark on the hearts of our digi team (and under Maggsy’s desk). She had just enough time for a quick photo call, draining iPhone batteries across the office, then put in an appearance at the Friday meeting where she stole the limelight from top dog Simon McMaster.

We’ll hopefully be seeing a bit more of this little cutie.

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Revealing a new side of MAKE.

Anyone love puns?

Like 'the girls and guys at NAKE...I mean MAKE have shown some bare-faced cheek for Come to Work Naked day. They've really displayed their naked ambition around the office and it makes a stark contrast to conventional digital production.'


Well I suppose I better just allude (nude nude nude! sorry.) to the fact that MAKE are quite liberated in their uh..digital production and design approach. At least that's what it looked like when someone sent me the email of several of them posing tastefully behind their office partitions causing me to blow tea out of my nose all over my monitor this morning.

See for yourself here.

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