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The world's first moustache powered games.

The Mark offices have been a little tense over the last few days.

Ever since our Movember Games Chrome app went live, the level of competitiveness has gone from friendly to downright not-so friendly. 

Made in conjunction with Chrome and Movember the games promote the month of Movember by utilizing the latest browser technology in a fun, innovative and addictive way.

The app was built by our friends at MAKE, Mark’s sister digital and production agency,
and will feature four games to roll out over each week of Movember.

Starting with the Lame-Mo, where players must lift and balance a barbell on their top lip, each game follows the progression of Mo growth throughout Movember. All you need to play is a face, a webcam and to have downloaded the Google Chrome browser.

Currently Mark CD Hamish Stewart holds the Lame-Mo record at 25 sec. But many feel this cannot be considered official, as we had to take Hamish’s word for it. 

Play for yourself at www.movembergames.com.

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We take the plunge with an underwater Hangout.

Distance is no longer a barrier to enjoying Australia’s tropical reefs. And we helped Google prove exactly that.

The Catlin Seaview Survey and Google have created a series of fully immersive underwater maps, stitched together with over 50,000 high resolution images. The survey will create an important ‘state of the reef’ benchmark and will help marine biologists monitor changes to the reef over time.

To launch the project, they invited us to create something just as special – an underwater Hangout. So we invited five of the 1.7 million Seaview followers on Google+ to join a Hangout with the team on the Great Barrier Reef in the waters off Cairns.

Filming underwater is notoriously difficult, so a live stream was always going to be a challenge. It took three underwater camera operators, an underwater narrator, and the evils of a 4am start to make it all happen.

But after 18 hours, we’d not only managed to take 5 lucky Australians on a virtual dive, but also shot enough footage to make this charming promo. We hope you enjoy it. And be sure to check out the Catlin Seaview Survey page on Google+.

Watch the Catlin Seaview Survey Hangout


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Google+ and the 333.

Trust a creative to turn a mundane commute on the bus into a cool photography project. Not content to simply bide his time from Bondi Beach to Circular Quay, Mark creative Chris is using the 333 bus route as the centrepiece of his photography project by taking a photo every day for 333 days.

While most of us are daydreaming out the bus window, Chris is capturing the day on his iPhone4. The idea came about after spotting two girls chatting against a love heart scrawled wall. The scene was too perfect not to shoot and a few days later the connection to the bus route and photography project came together while out in the surf.

From gritty construction sites and graffiti walls to beautiful beach vistas and cityscapes, there’s a little something for everyone. But you won’t find his shots on Facebook or Instagram, instead Chris has chosen to showcase his images exclusively on Google+. Chris explains that not only is Google+ easy to use with functionality for mobile uploads, it’s home to an active photography community. The ability to make albums ‘public’ allows for greater sharing and enables networks of strangers to stay connected through common interests.

Currently tipping the uploads at 100, we’re looking forward to the level of creativity that Chris is going to need to muster for the remaining 200 or so images. When asked about his plans for number 333 he alluded to a shot of him and the bus driver. And with a gallery night on the cards to showcase the project offline, we can’t wait to see 333 bus route brought to life. 

See life from the 333 on Google+

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Mark helps launch the Herald Sun Digital Pass.

The Herald Sun, Australia’s highest-circulation newspaper, has become the first tabloid to launch a premium content experience online, on mobile, and on iPad.

Our client, News Limited, tasked us with delivering the direct and digital component of the campaign, inviting readers to discover the exciting new features of the pass with a free trial.

The campaign included direct mail, eDMs, targeted online banners and over-the-page executions. The key thought, “Unfold the Full Experience”, showed how the Digital Pass opens up exclusive content that can be enjoyed across devices throughout the day.

Within the trial period, we encouraged Digital Pass subscribers to discover all that the pass had to offer. Then, as the trial came to an end, we began converting them to a paid subscription and a regular delivery of the newspaper too.

The publishing landscape may be rapidly changing, but with the right online product, marketed in the right way, we’re discovering that readers are open to consuming, and paying for, their news and entertainment in new ways.

We’re proud to have helped deliver another first for Australia’s first tabloid newspaper.


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We've helped create the world's biggest LEGO kit.

Way back at the end of 2011, Google asked us to come up with some innovative ways of showing the world how amazing their Chrome browser is.

One of its most exciting features is WebGL, which gives it awesome 3D capabilities. So, working closely with Google, we started thinking about one of the world’s favourite three-dimensional objects: LEGO®. And then the team started thinking about Google Maps. And then… well, we had ourselves a project.

Introducing 'build'.

Using Google Maps as a base-plate, you can pick a spot anywhere in Australia and New Zealand, then build whatever you like out of LEGO bricks. (Well, almost anything, it’s kept family friendly and advertising free.)

You can then share your build with the world, on Google+ or via a web-link. Anyone can explore the landscape and check out the Builds from multiple angles.

Everything happens in Chrome. It’s open to the entire world, but for now you can only build on sites Down Under.

As you can imagine, a project this epic in scope takes a lot of talented people to bring to life. North Kingdom in Sweden have done an amazing job of creating an experience that’s fun to use and totally integrated with Google Maps. Make, our digital production arm, has also been working hard to create all banners, online video and rich media.

The response has been incredible. Already the project has been picked up by media around the world, including Wired Magazine, Mashable, Engadget, Creativity Online, Digital Buzz, as well as mainstream media like the The Daily Telegraph, SMH, and many more.

So, we have to ask: What will you build?



The logo animation

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Build

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