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Google+ and the 333.

Trust a creative to turn a mundane commute on the bus into a cool photography project. Not content to simply bide his time from Bondi Beach to Circular Quay, Mark creative Chris is using the 333 bus route as the centrepiece of his photography project by taking a photo every day for 333 days.

While most of us are daydreaming out the bus window, Chris is capturing the day on his iPhone4. The idea came about after spotting two girls chatting against a love heart scrawled wall. The scene was too perfect not to shoot and a few days later the connection to the bus route and photography project came together while out in the surf.

From gritty construction sites and graffiti walls to beautiful beach vistas and cityscapes, there’s a little something for everyone. But you won’t find his shots on Facebook or Instagram, instead Chris has chosen to showcase his images exclusively on Google+. Chris explains that not only is Google+ easy to use with functionality for mobile uploads, it’s home to an active photography community. The ability to make albums ‘public’ allows for greater sharing and enables networks of strangers to stay connected through common interests.

Currently tipping the uploads at 100, we’re looking forward to the level of creativity that Chris is going to need to muster for the remaining 200 or so images. When asked about his plans for number 333 he alluded to a shot of him and the bus driver. And with a gallery night on the cards to showcase the project offline, we can’t wait to see 333 bus route brought to life. 

See life from the 333 on Google+

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