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Experimenting with Google Voice Search for mobile.

Mark has been working closely with Google engineers recently, conducting a series of acoustic experiments using Google Voice Search for mobile. We were curious to know how the product worked under a range of different conditions.

One experiment took place in the middle of the desert in South Australia,  using an Android phone and a pair of satellite dishes called 'parabolic mirrors'.

Check it out here.

The other happened at the bottom of the Coral Sea in Queensland – where the Android phone was connected to a special underwater communications device called a 'transducer'.

Check it out here.

If you’re as curious as we were, you can watch all the experiments at youtube.com/googlevoicesearch.

And you can follow the Tweets on the hashtag #VoiceSearch.

Tags : Google, Voice Search, Coral Sea, Engineers, Australia, Outback, Desert, Parabolic Mirrors, Great Barrier Reef, Transducer, Android