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Cannes Diary: Day 4.

Whew! As this week progresses, the speakers just get better. Today was director Spike Jones and Mark ‘Facebook’ Zuckerberg. I was trying to be diligent and take notes for you all on my iPhone. In a nutshell, Spike was inspiring. Zuckerberg was too, and just a little bit scary with his subtle world domination plans.

Here's my notes from Spike on creativity:

Best ideas come from a single voice, small group. Search the parks in every cities, there are no statues to committees. No is the most powerful thing you have as a creative person. It's up to you to protect your creativity and your beliefs by using that word wisely. Stop working every now and then. More input = more output. You know when you've found the essence of the idea. Is it exciting? If it's not, and you know it in your gut, don't do it. It will always go horribly wrong.

Mark on Facebook, the future and ads:

They have 1 million developers across the world. 500 million users in six years. He met the British Prime Minister, working with governments and law  makers. He thinks Advertisers are operating like developers on Facebook. He likes the Nike World Cup campaign, Starbucks and Toy Story 3. Social bookmarking available with new plugins, so you can now see what your friends are doing across the web. Anywhere. Location based Facebook is coming. The future is highly personalised.

In other Cannes news, the Australian Beach Football team did very well. Hannes helped lead the team fairly close to victory. Beaten by the Dutch. However, I actually think hangovers might be to blame!

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Cannes Diary: Day 1.

Cannes, incredible.

It's hard to describe the energy of this place. An advertising Olympic village, is probably closest to the mark. But in this instance you can't pick the winners from their enviable physiques, more their enviable bodies of work. And there is a truckload. We spent all yesterday walking through rows and rows of finalists, until our heads spun off. Trends? Be different, be fresh, be as simple as possible. The Gatorade Replay campaign has been picking up metal based on those insights and it deserves to. It's brilliant. Goosebumps. From Australia, the Toyota Nothing Soft Gets In campaign scored really well because it was all those things, plus funny. Never underestimate the power of humour with the judges!!

So far, we've had just one finalist. Obviously conspiracy theories abound. We drowned our sorrows on behalf of everyone from our agency who entered. And then we ate a kebab. Possibly the best one in the world. Every dark cloud eh? They have great sessions here to soak up. Some are blatant sales pitches, others are more thought provoking. I'm really looking forward to the RG/A workshop today on future digital creative depts. Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg Wednesday, Ben Stiller takes on Jeff Goodby Thursday, and Yoko Ono is here Friday. And stacks more.

Awards? Well there's still design, cyber, film and integrated to come, so who knows? 26,000 entries makes for some stiff competition.

What I do know is that I'm totally re-inspired to create goosebump delivering work, so I can get back to this advertising Olympic village. And find that kebab place.

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Optus 'Jetstream Penguin' Facebook Game.

Optus "Jetstream Penguin" Facebook Game from Mark. on Vimeo.


This is a Facebook game we've just created for the Optus "Live Life Without Limits" campaign. It's a short, fun and addictive game for players of ranging skill levels. It harnesses the social nature of Facebook with a running leader board so friends can compare scores. You can play it here: facebook.com/optus?v=app_117517381603053.

Undeniably the last 24 months have seen huge growth in the casual and social gaming market. Casual games have become more accessible to mainstream audiences though Facebook, iPhone and now the iPad. This presents an opportunity for brands that can use this channel to communicate with some very large and passionate audiences.


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Coffee Culture.


Without doubt this is the most important piece of equipment at Mark. That’s why it takes pride of place in our building. Our Vibiemme espresso machine is pretty much in constant use. And it’s freely available to all members of staff. For those who don’t know their Flat Whites from their Cappuccinos, we also have a coffee shop with our own barista. But that’s for another blog post.

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