Online Video 101.

Our Managing Director Simone Blakers recently wrote a column in AdNews on the virtues of online video.
We thought we'd list the five main points on how to best use it here:

1    Tell your brand story.

Give your brand perception some context. From a look behind the scenes to brand history or perhaps your brand positioning. Dove Evolution's video is a clear message to their consumer

2    Bring your product benefits to life.

Will It Blend is a clear example of this, but others (e.g.. are using video to increase sales and Qantas Frequent Flyer 'Dave' videos successfully explain complex messages by using a friendly presenter to guide the user.

3    Leverage Sponsorships and Partnerships.

Customer endorsements, live event streaming and interviews are just some of the ways sport can get involved. Check out any sports person's Facebook page for contextual examples.

4    Utilise new technology.

This includes personalised video rendering to using video in banners. e.g. ANZ's recent 'Sneaky Thief' campaign that we produced in 2010.

5    Encourage Participation.

User-generated video content has been massive with a recent Doritos and Pepsi commercial competition for customers to create a superbowl-airing ad. Also the stunningly-successful Old Spice campaign used on-the-spot video responses to customer twitters and comments.

As you can see, there's a lot of scope for video online and it might just be the start of a great conversation with your customer!

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